Chef’s special Dishes

Chef’s special Dishes (rice or naan bread included)

  • Chicken or Lamb Tikka Masala £8.00
  • Tandoori Mix Masala Chicken tikka,lamb tikka and king prawn £9.00
  • Tandoori King Prawn Masala £10.50
  • Chicken or lamb chilli masala chilli masala,hot with green chillies £8.25
  • Murgi Masala Chicken tikka masala with mince meat £8.25
  • Chicken or lamb tikka Makhani tikka cooked with coconut powder, butter and creamy sauce £8.25
  • Chicken or lamb tikka Pasanda tikka cooked  with coconut powder,almond powder, yoghurt and a touch off masala source £8.25
  • Butter Chicken £8.25
  • Tandoori mix Jalfrezi  chicken tikka, lamb tikka and king prawn £9.00
  • Chicken or lamb Karahi tikka cooked with onions,tomato,green pepper and butter £8.25
  • Bhindi chicken or lamb tikka cooked with Okra £8.25
  • Chicken Saag chicken cooked with spinach £7.75
  • lamb Tikka/prawn saag lamb tikka or prawn cooked with spinach £8.25
  • Garlic and Herb Rogan chicken or lamb, Garnished withspring onions, herbs and tomato £8.25
  • Chicken or Lamb chilli rogan  hot rogan cooked with green chilli £8.25
  • Jeera Chicken or Lamb cooked with onion and sprinkled with cumin seeds £8.25